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Finding your way here

You can reach us by car or boat, but there are also other means of transport such as a bus or a helicopter. We are easily accessible without any difficult roads where you can be lost (with the reservation that your own GPS may want to attract you on to small roads). On site you will find free parking and chargers for your electric car. Below are directions and tips on how to find your way here. See on Google maps where our hotel resort is located.

See on this map where our different buildings are located

By car to Sundbyholm:

Go on E20, regardless if you are arriving from east (from Stockholm) or west (from Örebro).
At Eskilstuna, take the “Sundbyholm” exit.

(Do not exit E20 before the Sundbyholm exit. Some GPS systems will direct you via an earlier exit, however the easiest is to remain on E20 to the Sundbyholm exit.)

From the Sundbyholm exit, follow the signs (north) to Sundbyholm. It is 10 kilometers (6 miles) to Sundbyholm Castle and you should stick to the road “Mälarvägen” the whole time. You will pass smaller roads leading to Torshalla and the horse racing-track, but just remain straight and you will soon enter the beech alley. Follow the signs toward the Reception.

By boat to Sundbyholm:

Sundbyholm has the largest guest harbor of the lake of Malaren.

During summer there are some boat trips organized by the company Rederi Mälarstaden from Västerås.

Train or a long-distance bus to Eskilstuna:

The nearest train station is located in the Eskilstuna. See train times.  (the link will take you to a swedish page)

Then go further by local bus to Sundbyholm:

From Fristadstorget in Eskilstuna center take bus line number 18 to Sundbyholm (the bus stop in Sundbyholm is a 3-minute-walk to the hotel reception). See bus timetables.

Or go further with Eskilstuna Taxi to Sundbyholm:

Taxis from Eskilstuna taxi are parked right next to the train station (otherwise call 016-137770). If you say you want a fixed price to Sundbyholm Castle (alternatively hotel reception if you are staying overnight) one turn costs a bit over 300 SEK for a passenger car. Night time and holidays the cost may be higher.




Coordinates of the hotel reception:
WGS 84 (lat, lon):N 59° 26.769′, E 16° 37.447′
WGS 84 decimal (lat, lon):59.44615, 16.62411
RT90:6592024, 1546459
SWEREF99:6590857, 592093

With regular flight to a town in the area:

Västerås: 58 km

Skavsta (Nyköping): 94 km

Örebro: 111 km

Stockholm Arlanda: 151 km

With private plane to Eskilstuna airport in Kjula:

This is not a commercial airport. Guests only arrive this way in private planes.
Eskilstuna flygplats.

With helicopter to Sundbyholm:

A sunny day during the month of July, the castle park could be full of sunbathing guests, why you then would need a different landing spot. Let us know in advance if you intend to arrive by helicopter. Read about Scandinavian Helicopter Center in Västerås.