Activities compliment the stay

It’s almost always the activities you remember from a conference and other meetings. We have extensive experience of tailoring activities to different conference groups – both with external activity companies and in-house.


If you are a private guest without any teambuilding purpose with your stay, then it is nice to take it easy and “just be”. Maybe take a refreshing walk in the beautiful surroundings, or relax an hour in the hotel’s outdoor hot spa bath. Enjoying a dinner for several hours at the castle can be enough activity.
The most unique acitivites that you can do in the Castle are our historical theme dinners, either an 18th century masquerade ball or a Viking dinner. Doing a time trip and testing on another century is appreciated by everyone. Read more about our activities below. Feel free to come up with your own suggestions for activity, and we will try to solve it. You can also read about the Castle’s surroundings to get tips and ideas about what you can do in our beautiful environment.


Varför ska ni välja Sundbyholms Slott till er nästa konferens?

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