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Four-star hotel

Hotel rooms from the 17th century to the 21st century

At Sundbyholm Castle you can get the best of both worlds. You can either stay in one of our more modern suits or really embrace the castle environment and stay in a historically decorated hotel building. During the weekdays we are mainly a hotel for conferences but during the weekends we transform into a weekend hotel. All hotel buildings are located around the castle, where most of our smaller double rooms and standard double rooms are located in the big brick building from 1960. The rooms have been renovated with wonderful fabric, comfortable beds and fully tiled bathrooms. Most of these rooms offer a view of Mälaren, the beautiful lake right outside, so you’ll be able to enjoy your stay with a great view.

Observe that there are no rooms in the Castle.
The castle is a restaurant, this is where you go to enjoy your lunch/dinner and breakfast. It’s also a wonderful place to hold parties. Pets are only allowed in a selected few hotels room (must be booked in advance)
Note that pets are NOT allowed in the restaurant nor in other meeting rooms.

At this establishment we offer a variety of different room categories, from smaller double rooms to luxurious suites with bathtubs. Between these we have standard double rooms and junior suites. The Junior Suites are located in their own small houses, chaleter. The more luxurious suites are located in both The Manor (Herregården) and Coachman Quarters’ (Kusken), you can also book one of our spa-suites and enjoy both a bathtub and a sauna. We use all 114 rooms as single rooms for conferences during the weekdays.

Click here to see a map of all our buildings in the area

Hotel facts:

All beds are comfortable topped with high quality 8-10 cm thick bed mattresses. Most of the beds are ecolabelled from Bed Factory. Other beds are from Eken and Carpe Diem.

All hotel rooms are equipped with a TV, hairdryer, free wifi and fully tiled bathrooms. Only the suites have a minibar. Plenty of the rooms offer a great view over Lake Mälaren.

A total of 114 hotel rooms, 235 beds in these categories:

Small double rooms 49 pcs
Standard double rooms 45 pcs
Junior suites 8 pcs
Manor suites 6 pcs
Spa suites 4 pcs
Coachman Quarters’ suites 2 pcs

Which bridal suite should you choose?

For your first night as a married couple.

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