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What happens at Sundbyholm Castle?

An eventful year at Sundbyholm Castle

 2021 has many fun events and theme weekends:

  • Murder mystery weekends with interactive murder tales in season (only in Swedish).
  • Seafood weekends with delicious seafood plateaus on Fridays and Saturdays from September until beginning of April, with the exception of the Christmas buffet season.
  • Our regular weekend packages that are based on the accommodation category (Castle Package and Romantic Luxury Weekend).
  • Weekday luxury packages and Weekday break are offered for private guests in the middle of the week.
  • Champagne weekends with tastings led by the castle sommelier are offered selected Fridays and Saturdays (in Swedish)
  • Traditional Swedish Easter packages.
  • Traditional Swedish Walpurgis packages.
  • Golf packages during the golf season.
  • Traditional Swedish Midsummer package with dance around the maypole.
  • Summer package from Midsummer Day to mid August.
  • Canoe packages.
  • Hiking packages.
  • Bicycle packages.
  • Christmas buffet weekend with a traditional Christmas buffet and an enormous dessert buffet.
  • A weekend with a Christmas murder mystery (in Swedish) with a Christmas buffet.
  • New Year Eve package with dancing and fireworks.

You can also book accommodation with breakfast. If you then wish to have dinner at the castle, we recommend that you book tables for dinner well in advance of your stay.

The season for the Palace’s great Afternoon Tea runs from mid-January until one Saturday before Midsummer Eve. Then there will be a summer break before afternoon tea continues in September and goes on until the week before the Christmas buffets start. Most welcome!

The Castle's weekend packages