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Log rafts

A cozy journey along the Mälaren beach with motorized log rafts

Rent a motor-driven log raft in the Sundbyholm marina for a ride along the Ramsund River up to the thousand year old Sigurd carving. If the wind is calm you can also take a trip on Lake Mälaren along the beach line.

Each boat can accommodate a maximum of 10 people. In total, there are three log rafts available in the harbor for a maximum of 30 people.

There are place-built tables and benches on board the docks. Why not enjoy a picnic basket in the afternoon sun? Visit the harbour café if you want to buy something delicious to bring with you on your beautiful mini-trip on log rafts.

We recommend life jackets and that you at all times keep the log rafts close to the beach line. A limited number of life jackets are available at the port, in the harbour café.

Why should you spend your summer at Sundbyholm?

Experience the environment seen on TV and "Bonde söker fru"

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