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Meeting models

There are more than one way to meet

Sitting at a meeting facility in a conference room all day with short breaks for coffee and lunch is the traditional way of conferencing. It is a way we’ve been accustomed to since childhood, when we first sat down in the school bench. Maybe there was no freshly baked cakes back then, and the school lunch was rather, lacking in comparison to a conference lunch at a Castle. Usually, many expect that a conference will be like sitting in the school bench for a few days, and then go back to work with new fresh ideas. But it doesn’t always have to be that way… Now play with the idea that you would instead try a different way to meet. Maybe find the solution to the company’s issues while you walk around Sundbyholm’s beautiful environment and then meet again and “brainstorm” in the conference room? Maybe the second day’s conference will take place in different group room instead of in one large room? Maybe some of our Fatboys (bean bags) can spice up the meeting room? Or perhaps a teambuilding activity would fit like a break in the middle of the conference? Why not a small meeting at one of the harbor’s pier fleets?

To inspire you and your conference group, Svenska Möten has developed a number of meeting models. We have chosen one of these – Walk and Talk – and tried to adapt it to Sundbyholm. Talk to our conference bookers Eleonor and Susanna to get more tips and ideas on how we, together, can develop your meeting with us. As a conference organizer, we are happy to help with giving ideas. Good luck with planning your conference.

Mötemodellen “Walk & Talk” (Currently only in swedish)

Why should you choose Sundbyholm’s Castle for the next conference?

10 Reasons

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