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The Sigurd Carving

Södermanlands largest rock carving is 1000 years old

The Sigurd carving, found on Ramsund’s Hill (Ramsundshällen), is impressively large and we might be so bold to say that it could be Sörmlands (perhaps even Sweden) most beautiful rock carving. We often say that “if you’ve not seen the Sigurd carving, you’ve not seen Sundbyholm”. The Sigurd carving is without a doubt the most unique rock carving in the area. If you choose to visit the carving by the big road – cars are allowed here – you will also pass an exciting dead oak which is several hundred years old on the right side of the road. If you prefer to walk somewhere with less cars there is a shortcut through a pasture, just look out for the cows!

The Sigurd carving has been an inspiration for Tolkien’s “Lord of the rings”, where cravings, betrayal and sudden death are all ingredients.

The dwarf Andvare utters a curse when the God Loke takes all his gold up to his last gold ring. The rock carving shows an episode from this exciting story in which Sigurd Fafnersbane has the leading role.

The runes that cover the snakes’ body read “Sigrid, Alriks mother, Orms daughter, made this bridge for the soul of Holmger, father of Sigröds, her husband”. The interpretation of this is that Sigrid, a powerful viking woman, let build a bridge for Holmgers soul to travel to heaven. With the bridge she also let build the rock carving.

There are signs at the location with more information about the Sigurds carving.

If you want to listen to a short podcast about the Sigurd carving (in Swedish) click here.


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