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General hotel information


Your room is available from 3 pm.



Bar is in the castle. A limited selection of beers, wines, ciders and hard liquors as well as snacks is available in the hotel reception.



Breakfast is normally served in the cellar vaults of the Castle.


Departure Mondays – Fridays: 10.00 am.
Saturdays: 11.00 am.
Sundays: 12.00 noon.


Dry cleaning



Laundry bags are available in the reception. Prices for dry cleaning depend on type of garment.


Electric chargers for cars

Two electric chargers for Tesla och two chargers for other electric cars. Free for overnight hotel guests. Day guests pay according to a price list in the reception.


Emergency exits


Environmental certification


Marked with green exit-signs.


The hotel is certified with the Nordic Ecolabel (The Swan).


Fire alarm

Please contact the reception if you are hearing impaired. Fire alarm will sound in case of fire. Assembly point is on the grass next to the reception parking lot.


Hair dryer

Hair dryers will be found either in the night stand beside your bed or firmly mounted in the bath room.



Free wifi. Please choose “Sundbyholm Guest”.


 Ironing A room for ironing is two stairs down in the main hotel building.
Junior suites and suites often have their own irons and ironing boards in the closets.




Keys are kept throughout your stay.



Storage of luggage at the reception.


Mail/post cards


Postage for sale at the reception.


Opening hours

Under the section “About us” you can see our opening hours.




Parking is free of charge.



To contact the reception or night guard on duty, please dial 9 on your room telephone. The reception is closed during night time.



If you plan to eat in the castle restaurant, please book a table when booking your room. Sometimes there are no tables available if you haven’t booked in advance. If you have booked a package where dinner is included, we will automatically book a table for you.





Room service  In addition to the cost of the products ordered, there is an extra room service fee of 75 SEK per room during day time och 150 SEK per room after 6 pm. Please contact the reception.


Smoking Absolutely forbidden to smoke indoors. Sanitation of the room is charged 3500 SEK and if the fire alarm is starting to sound an additional 7500 SEK for the fire brigade is charged.




Eskilstuna Taxi (+4616 – 13 77 70):

A single trip to or from Eskilstuna train station cost a bit over 300 SEK if you ask the driver for a fixed price instead of the taxameter.


Telephone Dial 0 for an external line and 9 to the reception. External calls are charged.


TV TV is available in all rooms: SVT1, SVT2, Kunskapskanalen, Barnkanalen, TV4, TV5, TV6, C More Emotion, C More Series, BBC World News.


Wake up Order wake up from your room phone:
1. Lift the headphone.
2. Dial * 55 * XXXX (XXXX = the wake up time in hours and minutes with four digits for example 07.30).

To cancel your wake up time:

1. Lift the headphone.
2. Dial # 55 #.



There are no hotel rooms in the old 17th century castle if you do not happen to be a ghost.