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Manor House suites

Beautiful suites in the Manor House

Six individually and luxuriously decorated suites, all with two separable 90-centimeter beds, separate living saloons, seating areas, work areas, mini bars, TV’s, telephones and internet connections.

Spacious and beautifully tiles bathrooms with jacuzzis. The bathrooms are fully equipped, also with slippers and bathrobes. The design and furnishing are in late 18th century to mid 19th century style.

Guests in the Manor House of course have access to the common environs – the library on the upper floor as well as the saloons.

Security and comfort have not been compromised with. The Mansion, although from the late 18th century, meets the same high standards as a newly built hotel of today:

– Each suite constitutes a separate EI 60 classed fire cell (withstands 60 minutes of fire).
– Besides being fire proof, the beautifully paneled doors are also soundproof.
– Climate, ventilation and sound absorption are important conditions for high comfort. The ventilation system controls heat as well as cold.
– Air is exchanged one and a half times per hour, completely soundless. The whole building is environmentally friendly with an energy recuperation rate as high as 85 percent.

King Karl XII would surely have enjoyed the Manor House of today, and perhaps he would have thought he was in heaven…