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Small double rooms

Small double rooms with comfortable beds

A total of 48 small double rooms in the large hotel building and one small double room in the Coachman’s Quarters. All small double rooms can be used as single rooms.

The small double rooms in the hotel building have two 90 cm wide and environmentally certified beds. Most rooms, but not all, have views of Lake Malaren and the marina.

The small double room in the Coachman’s Quarters has different furnishing, given that it is a historic building.

All small double rooms have shower and fully tiled bathrooms. Just like in any other hotel room, there is also a TV, telephone and hairdryer in the equipment. All hotel rooms have free wifi.

What separates a small double room from a standard double room is that there is no space for a seating area in a small double room. This means that there are no chairs except for one chair next to the bed. A small double room is about 16 square meters including the bathroom.