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Banquet Halls

Dining rooms and banquet halls on all floors of the Castle

All banquet halls and dining rooms are located in the castle building. Each room can be given a more formal or informal touch through decorations and themes. We have seen the Knights’ Hall in an incredible number of shapes – everything from a pink light on the walls during a wedding to starry skies in the ceiling during a New Year’s Eve party. The historic castle vaults provide a more cozy and informal feeling.

The doors between the mid-size dining room called Formaket, and the small Corner Chamber can be opened to create the feeling of belonging to the same company.

Rental for the banquet halls is included in the wedding packages. We never rent out any rooms for guests’ own catering.

Are you planning a party? Call us and we will book a time when we can show our premises in reality!


  • Knights’ Hall: 280 guests
  • The Pink Room: 50 guests
  • The Castle Cellar Vaults: 90 guests
  • The Chapel: 40 guests
  • The mid-size dining room (Förmaket): 36 guests
  • The Corner Chamber: 14 guests
  • The Main Dining Room (where the restaurant is located): 90 guests
The Pink Room, located on the top floor of the Castle, could normally not be your banquet hall, since wedding parties in the Knights’ Hall have the whole top floor of the Castle to themselves.
The Main Dining Room could normally not be offered separately since this is the main dining hall for hotel guests that want to eat in the restaurant.