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Small roads & bike paths

Explore nature on a bike

In 2019 a new bike path that stretches from Sundbyholm all the way to Eskilstuna was built. Rent a bike at Sundbyholm’s castle and explore what our side of the world has to offer. On country roads you will be able to ride to Torshälla, a beautiful destination known for its many artists and the Ebeling Museum. If you instead aim your sights in a more southern direction, you will pass, among other things, the thousand-year-old Sigurd carving (Sigurdsristningen). The largest rock carving in Sörmland, which also happens to have served as an inspiration for the famous books and movies, Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. During your journey you will also pass through Björsund, with a small harbor and enjoy the view of both castles and churches.

To view a map of Eskilstunas bike paths click here.

Näckrosleden, is a bike path that will take you through Sörmlands 9 municipalites. The entire lenght is about 700 km divided in 14 stages.

To view Eskilstuna and Sundbyholms stage click here.

Information & tips

A list of activities to fill your days when you visit Sundbyholm:

  • Receive a map from us with marked paths for you to walk along and enjoy the beautiful nature we have here. 
  • Visit the bird tower, a few minutes’ walk away.
  • Rent a log raft from the harbor (contact us to get current prices). Bring your own life jacket, a limited number is available at the harbor.
  • After a 15-minute walk you will reach Sundbyholms biggest attraction, the thousand-year-old Sigurd carving (Sigurdsristningen).
  • Rent one of our canoes and paddle along the shore and into the river to the thousand-year-old Sigurd carving (Sigurdsristningen)
  • Take advantage of the large grass plots by borrowing a board game in the reception, we offer kubb, boule, croquet and frisbee.
  • Bask in the sun at Mälarens longest natural beach and cool of in the water. Bring your own swimwear and beach towels.
  • Spend an hour relaxing in one of our outdoor hot spas (39 degrees C). Note that these are closed during the summer months. Book in advance, will cost extra. Bring your own swimwear.
  • If you want to use the sauna (for free), let us know in the reception.
  • If you’ve booked a spa-suite or a suite in the manor that offers a personal bathtub suited for 2 people, it is time to fill it with water and enjoy a relaxing evening, alone or together with a loved one. In these suites you will also be able to enjoy your own sauna.
  • After a day full of activities it is time to relax with a drink at the café by the harbor, look at the boats during May until the middle of September (not included in the package), or enjoy a drink at the castle before a delicious dinner.

Biking Package

For current availability and prices don’t hesitate to give us a call at +4616 – 42 84 00 or go to our online booking by clicking here and choose English (flag on top) before you choose what package to book.

We only offer bikes for adults (according to the bicycle manufacturer 155 cm to 195 cm) which is why there are no prices for children. We recommend that you bring your own helmet (we have a limited number of helmets for you to borrow). According to the law, everyone under 15 years of age must wear a helmet, however we hope that you wear one no matter what age you are. We prioritize safety and recommend that you look over your insurance as well.

Why should you spend your summer at Sundbyholm?

Experience the environment seen on TV and "Bonde söker fru"

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