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Modern and bright conference rooms

Which type of conference room are you looking for? We are here to help you!

In all our eight conference rooms we have a projector, whiteboard, notebooks, DVD, video and acess to internet. Before you arrive, we will place notebooks and pens on each seat. We also provide the room with fruit, candy and water to keep the energy up.

The large and medium sized rooms are equipped with a sound system. The large ones also have access to a microphone. In Amiralen, we have and audio loop for the hearing impaired.

Every conference room and group room offer daylight and are pleasant and fresh. They also come with parquet floor so anyone with allergies can be comfortable as well.

As a conference guest you will be sitting comfortably in our new conference chairs (Skandiform from Kinnarps). These are in all our conference rooms except in Herregårdssalen, which offers leather chairs and Riddarsalen, which has assembly room chairs.

If you are looking for a more secluded area to have your conference, you have the opportunity to rent the entire Förvaltarbostaden with two conference rooms and three group rooms. The rest of our rooms are in the hotel building as well as in one of the annexs. We also offer rooms for your conference in the actual castle.

We have 12 fresh group rooms for 8-14 people.

Our janitors are here to help with whatever you might need. We can also offer to rent technical specialists for groups that recuire special technical solutoions, and on top of this we can also provide special technology if you so wish. This is not included in the rent of the conference room.

Lastly, let us not forget our beautiful outdoom encironment, it is equally stunning all year round. Rather than staying inside a conference room all day, try to find some time to stretch your legs or perhaps join one of our many activities. We are so much more than just a conference castle.

A warm welcome to a conference at our beautiful castle!

Why should you choose Sundbyholm’s Castle for the next conference?

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