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Viking theme dinner

Feel like a Viking for an evening

When was the last time you felt like a Viking?

It is the castle’s rustic cellar vaults that have made our Viking dinners so popular. The vault gives just the right mood for a festive Viking party. During such an event, long Viking tables are served up with plenty of food in three steps. In addition, we decorate with props such as rock carvings, shields and more. A fun event for the company party! A perfect way to get to know your colleagues better. A Viking dinner is also appreciated by foreign visitors who want to experience how it feels to be a Viking for an evening.

The feast is most enjoyable if the party is initially kept secret for the guests. Since Sörmland’s largest rune carving, the thousand year-old Sigurd carving, is located at a 15-minute-walking distance, it feels natural to have the “attack” there. This means that the toast master surprises the participants by “attacking” you and your colleagues, handing out Viking suits and helmets (yes, most people want helmets with horns even if they are not authentic …).

Most groups choose to have the start of this activity directly in the conference room. Imagine what a surprise it will be when the Viking chief storms into the 21st century.

The Viking dinners are offered in packages as a supplement to the full board, but also as separate parties. A viking dinner requires a toast master (the booklet with songs is included in the package) to keep the atmosphere high at the party. One of the advantages of choosing one of our toast masters is that they can also lead a Viking pentathlon in the castle park before dinner if you wish.

Viking dinner package including beverage

  • Hire of Viking costumes and helmet
  • 1 small glass of mead per person as a welcome drink
  • Viking table setting and props in your own dining room
  • Song Booklets
  • 50 cl beer per person
  • Appetizer: Soup and cold cuts.
  • Main course: Chicken, ribs, roast and hot vegetables (table buffet with a lot of food).
  • Dessert: Old-fashioned dessert.
  • Coffee

For prices, please contact us. Or look at the swedish page by clicking here.

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