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If you want to enjoy a romantic evening with your special someone, or relax with your friends, our seafoodweekend might be the perfect option for you. The seafood plateau will be served at your own table, dressed in white table cloths and lit candles to really bring forth that special feeling. A delishious array of flavors from the sea, such as crab, mussles, and shrimp awaits you!

This package is available on fridays and saturdays from the beginning of september to the middle of november. After a short break during christmas it is back in january and stays until the end of march.


Please book at latest tuesday the same week to make sure everything is available. Warm welcome!

Printable Pdf will be available shortly.


Seafood plateau with wine (Dinner 20.00 (8 pm))

Available fridays and saturdays 1/9 – 18/11, after a short break it is available again 12/1 – 23/3.

Check in 15.00 (3 pm) / Check out 11.00 (11 am) on saturdays and 12.00 (12 pm) on sundays.

– At 20.00 (8 pm) we will serve a seafood plateau including 1/2 lobster, 1/2 crab, oysters, HAVSKRÄFTOR, mussles and smoked shrimp per person at white table cloths and lit candles. Served with cold sauces, bread and butter.

– The bar at the castle opens at 17.00 (5 pm) on fridays and 16.00 (4 pm) on saturdays for anyone who would like refreshments before dinner.

– Half a bottle of the house wine per person. Can be changed for two units of beer, cider or a alcoholfree option per person.

– The evenings dessert.

– Breakfast buffet at the castle. Times will be given during check in.

Please book at latest tuesday the same week to make sure everything is available. 

Do you wish to add our beautiful Afternoon tea?

Call us at 016-428400 if you wish to enjoy our Afternoon tea prior to your seafood plateau, served saturdays at 13.00 (1pm)

Afternoon tea is not available during the first half on january.

Read more about our Afternoon tea by clicking here.

Are you bringing kids?

See our prices for children here. (in swedish)

Bookings are done through email or by calling us.