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Conference offer with full board spring, summer and autumn

Even peak season can have good full board price and added value.

Sundbyholm Castle is magical during these seasons, with the marina, beach and beech forest – a paradise surrounded by Lake Mälarens glistering water.

It is also our peak season, a very hectic time with lots of guests. But that does not mean you wont be able enjoy our other offers, such as “We love Mondays” and “Festive Friday”.

The full board prices vary daily. If you are flexible with your dates, we can give you some suggestions on discounted days.

We Love Mondays och Festlig Fredag“.

This is included in the package:
  • Morning coffee with a sandwich or pastry, coffee, tea, juice.
  • Served conference lunch, salad, bread, butter, meal drink, coffee, tea, treat.
  • Afternoon coffee with a pastry of sort, fruit plate or smoothie, coffee, tea, juice.
  • Served three-course meal at the castle, meal drink, coffee, tea.
  • Accommodation / Breakfast
Full board in a singel room:

From 0% till 33% discount

Full board in a double room:

From 0% till 40% discount

Click here to see offers for november to april.


Are you looking for the lowest possible price for your conference? Around holidays and school breaks you have the opportunity to book afforable hotel and conference packages. We offer lower prices but still keep the same quality food, drinks, conference rooms and comfortable beds. Ask us for a quota.

Are you looking for an extra luxurious conference? Monday – thursday you’re able to book a night in one of our luxurious suites with a jacuzzi (max 12 suites, 24 beds) with full board for affordable prices.  Does not apply on fridays and weekends.

During this period there is great variation in prices. If you are flexible with your dates we can suggest the days with the lowest price.
Added values from 1 may to 23 august is included in the quota for free.
Fill in our simplified booking request below or call us at +4616-428400 for a quota.

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