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Three-course conference dinner

While booking you will be able to choose an appetizer, a main course and a dessert for the whole group to enjoy.
Please inform us of any food allergies or special diets a head of time.

March 6th – Midsummer
  • Shellfish soup with wine cooked mussels and root vegetables
    Skaldjurssoppa med vinkokta blåmusslor och rotfrukter
  • Fried chicken croquettes on a bed of salad
    Friterade kycklingkroketter på salladsbädd
  • Toast Skagen
    Toast Skagen
  • The vegetarian starter is adjusted after season and which course the rest of the company has chosen
    Vegetariska förrätten anpassas efter säsong och vilken rätt som övriga i sällskapet har valt
Main courses
  • Herb crusted fillet of beef with pepper & brandy butter and roasted potato salad
    Krispigt örtbakad oxfilé med peppar- & cognacssmör och rostad potatissallad
  • Pike perch from Lake Mälaren with chorizo butter, seasonal vegetables, carrot puree and herb tossed boiled potatoes
    Mälargös med chorizosmör, säsongsgrönt, morotskräm och örtslungad kokt potatis
  • Stuffed pointed cabbage with vegetable risotto, seasonal vegetables and carrot puree
    Fylld spetskål med grönsaksrisotto, primörer och morotskräm
  • Rhubarb with salted caramel mousse and toffee cookie
    Rabarber med saltkaramellmousse och kolakaka
  • Brownie with raspberry panna cotta, raspberry coulis, caramelized popcorn and chocolate sand
    Brownie med hallonpannacotta, halloncoulis, karamelliserade popcorn och chokladsand
If a different menu is requested

For longer stays the kitchen can arrange more alternatives.

Almost everything served has been made from scratch in the castle’s confectionery. However, we often buy gluten free and sugar free coffee bread from special bakeries. If you or someone in your conference group have some form of food allergy it is important that you let us know ahead of time.
For current prices call us or visit our Swedish page.


Wine package

The Sommelier’s choosen wines.

Alternative 1.
1 glass welcome drink, 1 glass of wine for the appetizer, 1,5 glass of wine for the main course (= one glass with a refill)

Alternative 2.
1 glass of wine for the appetizer, 1,5 glass of wine for the main course (= one glass with a refill), 1 glass of dessert wine

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